Be A Vendor

Vendor Policy

The rules and specifications that all vendors must follow in order to take part in the Festival are described in this RiverFest Vendor Policy. The Festival intends to use a cashless payment system to give visitors and vendors a simple, effective, and safe way to make payments. It is anticipated that all vendors will adhere to this guideline in order to guarantee the event's success and give every attendee a satisfying experience.

Payment System

For all transactions made on the festival grounds, a cashless payment system will be used by the Festival. While cash payments are preferred, it is also accepted at all vendor stalls and points of sale during the Festival. Accepted Payment Methods: Credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment applications, and any other authorized electronic payment methods as specified by the Festival organizers are accepted payment methods for the cashless payment system. Point of Sale (POS) Equipment: To accept cashless payments, Festival-approved POS equipment will be given to each vendor. It is the vendors' responsibility to make sure these gadgets continue to work properly during the event.


To ensure that there is no confusion among participants throughout the payment procedure, the pricing should be clearly indicated. Refunds and Returns: Prior to the event, vendors will get information on the Festival's refund and return policy, which they must follow. If there are any disagreements or problems with a cashless transaction, sellers should refer to the specified process that the Festival organizers have laid down. Reporting and Settlement: In accordance with the prearranged timetable, Prestige Vendors are in charge of reporting to and settling with the Festival organizers on their cashless payment transactions. Infractions of the settlement procedure might lead to fines or prevent you from attending the Festival in the future.
Violation of Policy: Failure to comply with this Vendor Policies may result in penalties, termination of the vendor agreement, or exclusion from participating in future Festival events. Policy Updates: The Festival organizers reserve the right to update or modify this policy as necessary. Vendors will be notified of any changes in a timely manner.