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'RiverFest22' is an annual festival curated to celebrate and propagate the socioeconomic and cultural affairs of Ghana. It aims at creating a networking and entertaining environment for all our revelers. Our target is the energetic individual who wants to experience nature while having fun. The event promises patrons an amazing experience of art and creativity from the local creative and art industry and a taste of calypso in the Ghanaian environment. RiverFest helps promote the need to protect the water bodies as well as create an ecological awareness of the place. It is set for both residential and non-residential participation. Residential patrons arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday. All non-residential revelers are welcome on Saturday for the full-day event.



In 2022, the maiden edition of RiverFest Ghana, themed "the Ada Calypso" was organised in Ada at the Camp Tsatse Resort from December 16-18, 2022. It was organised as part of the activities endorsed by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) under the "December in GH" list of events. The event was classified as the best-organized and most successful event organised during the period. Mr. Akwasi Agyemang, the Director General of Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), has expressed this sentiment on multiple occasions, including during a review of December events in Ghana, one of which was on Twitter Spaces. This year's event is slated for December 15-17, 2023, and is themed "Prampram Ocean Green Rave". It will be held at the Ocean Green Beach Resort, Prampram. The event will include participants from the Diaspora, Accra, Prampram, and surrounding areas, as well as those who attended the previous edition. Due to its wide reach, the event is expected to have many groups and individuals participating.



To promote tourism.

To promote the culture of the people.

To promote the need to protect our water bodies.

To create ecological awareness.

To promote healthy living among the people.

To sell Ghana to the rest of the world, especially the Global Diaspora, through fun and entertainment.

To provide a platform for the local industry to exhibit their businesses and products.

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